Our Programs

At Kasuku Children’s Center, we believe play based learning has proven to be a viable and practical tool to assist in the achievement of the “holistic education”. So far, engagement in play based learning and sports at Kasuku Children’s Centre is giving children opportunities for natural self-expression, self-confidence, physical activity, academic achievement, social interaction and integration. From our experience, it is also teaching participants the spirit of team solidarity and fair play. For example, one parent mentioned that since his son got involved in team games and play at the center, he has noticed positive social integration. Therefore, the curriculum we’re implementing is already helping facilitate the development of social skills in young children and youth.

Another scenario worth pointing out is the lack of recreational open green spaces in the surrounding areas. Children and youth do not have proper spaces to interact and do physical activities, especially during holidays. Our program aims to create sports opportunities and will teach things like abstinence from drugs and personal hygiene. 

The center has a unique opportunity to provide adequate sport and physical activity for all young people on an equal basis through compulsory physical education programs as well as through school sport programs and after school leisure-time sport initiatives.

The project will provide a forum where they can learn new skills such as discipline, confidence, tolerance, cooperation and respect. Children will learn fundamental values of effort and how to manage essential steps in life such as victory and defeat.

K-3 School

The center is now drawing a plan to mobilize all children that have entered primary schools in the surrounding community and engage them in areas of:

Parent Programs

Public speaking, self-advocacy groups and parent groups. The center runs monthly parent focus groups by soliciting input geared towards building a strong parent community

Demonstration Farm

This provides agriculture teachings and hands on practice for children, youth and community members.

Multi-sports center, scout and guide activities

and many more activities, with a focus on the holidays so we can provide indirect ongoing support to the children to help minimize the drop-out rates. Our aim is to build self-reliant individuals that can successfully manage to run affairs within their own community. 

Play Zone

Run every Friday after school and Saturday between 2-7pm. We also provide dance and drama for a fun filled engagement.